History of Karhula industrial park

Karhula industrial park gets its strength from a strong industrial tradition. The core of the industrial park is comprised of the factory area established on Karhulanniemi at the end of the 19th century.

The history of Karhula industrial park started nearly 140 years ago, when the first sawmill was founded on Karhulanniemi. William Ruth started industrial activity on a larger scale in the area in 1887. Over the course of four years, a modern steam-driven saw, a small tile factory, a groundwood mill, the largest glass factory in the country of the time, and an engineering workshop were erected on Karhulanniemi.

The company A. Ahlström Osakeyhtiö bought the share capital of Karhula Osakeyhtiö in 1915. During the time of the Ahlström company, the largest factories of the industrial park still belonged to one owner well up to the 1980’s. Then, globalisation began at the industrial park.

Nowadays, several companies at the park are owned by large international corporations. The industrial park still has domestic businesses as well. The change in the ownership structure has brought small companies and completely new kinds of businesses to the area. And what’s best: Karhula industrial park is still has vibrant, efficient, and well-functioning as during the time of William Ruth.