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Entrance to the industrial area is through the main gates only. Please be prepared to report the purpose of your visit and to produce either an access permit or some other form of identification. All visitors must check in at the service center (7 Antintie street) before admission to the Park area. The service center will contact the host and provide the visitor with the hosting company’s visitor badge and appropriate directions. On leaving the premises, no check-out at the service center is required. Visitors entering and leaving by car may drop their visitor badge in the locked letterbox located by the gates, and there is another letterbox by the service center for visitors on foot. Visitor badges may also be returned at the service center front desk between 7am and 4pm. Trucks and vans transporting goods do not require an access permit. Parking is only allowed in the designated P spaces or with a special permit.

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Normal traffic regulations hold in the Industrial Park area. Please drive with particular care and observe the speed limit of 30 km/h.