Coor service center
Antintie 7, 48600 Kotka
tel. 010 234 2121

Karhula Industrial Park Association, managing director
Hannu Oksanen
tel. 050 313 2150

Instructions for visitors to the industrial park

Passage to and from the industrial area only permitted through the official gates. Anyone wishing to enter the industrial area must be prepared to both present their access pass or other ID document; and state the purpose of their visit. Visitors must sign in at the service centre (Antintie 7) before entering the industrial area. The service centre will contact the host of the visitor, and the visitor will be given the company’s guest pass as well as the necessary guidance. When departing, the visitor don't have to sign off at the service center. Visitors who have arrived by car can return their access pass/card in the locked mailbox at the car gates. Delivery vehicles do not need a special access pass. The parking of vehicles is allowed only in the places marked with P, or at a separate location according to a relevant exemption.


Normal traffic regulations are adhered to at the industrial area in addition to particular caution and slow speeds. The speed limit is 30 km/h.

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Map for approaching the area