Industrial park involved in a Dome Karukoski movie

The movie “Leijonasydän” (“Lion heart”), directed by Dome Karukoski, will be filmed in Kotka in autumn. Some filming will probably take place at Karhula industrial park as well.

The main production team of the movie produced by Helsinki-film consists of Jussi-awarded people, including the cast. This drama comedy tells the story of Teppo (Peter Franzén), the leading figure of a neo-Nazi group, who falls head over heels in love with Sari (Laura Birn). Their love takes them under the same roof, and Teppo finds out that Sari’s son is dark-skinned. The situation is very challenging for both Teppo and Roope, the boy. “Leijonasydän” is situated in a town called Kotka.

The movie production ending up in Kotka was not just because of good luck. The TV-production company Dakar, which is based in Kotka, has for several years been involved with the Kymi Film Location scheme, the central aim of which is to repeatedly bring large movie productions to Kymenlaakso. Dakar has been actively lobbying for movie productions in the area, because that would increase the employment rate in and visibility of the area.

Dakar’s production manager, Hannu Oksanen called Aleksi Bardy, the managing director of Helsinki-film, at a time when the production company was choosing between Naantali and Mikkeli as the set location of the movie “Leijonasydän”. Bardy gave Oksanen and Dakar a week to convince him to come to Kotka. Dakar searched for shooting locations and business partners for the movie. Oksanen has high praise for businesses in Kotka that were excited to be involved. Currently, the local business partners for the movie production are at least Jyrkilä Oy, Karhula industrial park, Mesera, Karhulan Hovi and Erkan Kebab. Among other things, the movie crew will acquire accommodation, transportation, catering and construction services from Kotka, as well as media and movie production-related personnel and equipment hire.

The movie also uses a lot of local contributors and supporting cast. Test shootings in Kotka were organised at Lasimestari in the industrial park on August 15.

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